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Toya: A Family Affair Season 1 Episode 9 - Fulfilling Dreams. This BET Toya: A Family Affair Season 1 Episode 9 show with title Fulfilling Dreams aired on Tuesday, June 07 2011 at 10.00 PM.

SUMMARY : Toya: A Family Affair Season 1 Episode 9: Fulfilling Dreams. Toya opens her boutique and hopes the launch will show her daughter that dreams can come true. Meanwhile, Walter tries to take his rap career to a whole new level. Toya, who made her debut on BET’s hit series TINY & TOYA, is back with a new series “TOYA: A FAMILY AFFAIR”, premiering Tuesday, May 19 at 10:00 p.m. Viewers will follow her fearless journey as she continues to carve out a personal and professional path for herself while dealing with the burden of keeping her troubled family together and out of the perils of street life. The season is full of surprising and challenging moments as Toya continues to balance her life while supporting her mother through drug addiction and watching over her four brothers: Walter, Rudy, Casey, and Josh, at very pivotal turning points in their lives. The eldest sibling, Walter, recently released from a 10-year prison term is determined to turn his life around; Rudy is playing when he should be serious about continuing his education; Casey is learning the importance of fatherhood at a very young age, and Josh is dealing with the growing pains of everyday life. Surrounded by her loved ones, Toya welcomes a new relationship with the potential of marriage to music mogul, MempHitz while balancing the challenge of raising her 11-year-old daughter by hip hop superstar Lil Wayne, Reginae. With the compassion of a superwoman, Toya finds herself overcoming the odds and reaching unimaginable heights.